Healing & Quarantine


*** In solidarity, so as not to be accused of opportunism and so that this service is accessible to the greatest number, I decided to offer you the magnetism session at a reduced price of 28 € until the end of the containment period. 

Note that since the beginning of the epidemic, I have already offered all the care to the healthcare staff I know and to the families of people hospitalized because of the Coronavirus - Covid-19. 

CAUTION: magnetism and healing does NOT TREAT Coronavirus - Covid 19. If you think or are currently affected, contact your doctor or call 15. ***

How magnetism and healing can help living better during quarantine ? 

Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Insomnia, Behavioral problems, Lower vibration rate, ... Here is a small list of what magnetism and healing can relieve. 

In this intense anxiety-provoking period, everything that we consciously or unconsciously focus on becomes very important ... When we generate thoughts of anxiety, negative emotions, feelings of fear, lack, it awakens or creates in us traumas and memories ... 

This situation generates a kind of unfavorable energy heap on our being, which it is more and more difficult to attenuate so much the social and media pressure is strong. 

Whenever you consciously or unconsciously connect to the egregore "Coronavirus" that is to say to the "Negative Thought Form" linked to the Coronavirus or Covid-19, it feeds this bubble of discomfort and anxiety, and charges your subconscious with negativity. 

From there, feelings of fear, anger, hatred, incomprehension open doors.

Energy care and magnetism do not cure illness, but provide a response to what is caused in each of us by the illness and the consequences of quarantine. 

I can help you with : 

  • Release conscious or unconscious blockages 
  • Reduce your stress or anxiety 
  • Provide a feeling of inner well-being 
  • Contribute to strengthening the natural process of immunity 
  • Harmonize your chakras to anchor yourself as well as possible in the present moment

At the end of the session I will give you advice so that you can cut the Coronavirus or Covid-19 egregore independently over the next few weeks. 

How does magnetism and healing take place? 

After making an appointment online or by phone, we discuss your situation, your needs, your feelings. Following this call, you will send me a full-length photo of yourself by email or SMS. 

The distance treatment can vary from 30 to 45 minutes. You do not have to be in bed during the session, even if I recommend that you take this time for yourself and would send you all my advice by SMS. 

After the treatment, you can contact me to share your feelings with me.


Magnetism does not replace a medical consultation. Magnetism is not a treatment for Coronavirus. Remote magnetism on photo has results just as conclusive as those obtained by magnetism in the office. For more information, please contact me via the contact form HERE or by phone on 06 69 11 45 72. 

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